Okay, so hospital visits aren't new for me. I've been there before for other people, but recently, had to take a trip for myself. After a day of alternating between chills and feverish sweats (yucky, I know), arms and legs got pretty bad pins and needles which led to numbness. Before I knew it, passed out on the washroom floor (yay to ringing in ears, narrowing of vision among other fun things before your body actually passes out). 

That being said, the hospital visit was quite lovely. Shawna drove me there and sat with me for a good four hours! The doc said something about a low basal cell count...wasn't really paying attention...he was cute. So after returning to my room, I saw a bunch of sweet messages on my whiteboard, a note that was slipped under it (well I saw it after I crawled back to my room but couldn't pick it up), and a cool origami flower. Needless to say, I love my students and my team! <3

Regardless of all the staff being super sweet, and TUEFRT being awesome, I'd rather not have to go for another visit. Feeling sick is no fun. 


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