What are we... 12 days in?

The workshops have been great! Honestly, with my aging memory, a refresher is always nice! Despite MANY revelations throughout these past (almost) 2 weeks, I'll blog about the most recent one I can remember...

LOW ROPES! Ohmygoodness. There is something about being a don and lacking the sense or understanding of personal space! The lava activity made us squish 14 people together on a tiny platform and somehow, grabbing on random arms, legs and being half hauled/piggy-backed, we made it!

Maybe it speaks to the sometimes 'uncomfortable' situations we'll be in (a pile of sweaty dons is slightly uncomfortable no matter HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM and my lack of understanding towards the foreign concept of personal space). You've got to open up to these situations and embrace them knowing that you're well trained and equipped to deal with these situations and hey, if you stick it out long enough, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm not making much sense at this point, must be the lack of sleep. Will post more (most likely next time I can sit at a computer long enough before running off to another session!)


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