This is the fourth year I have celebrated the Moon Festival without my family. Always get a little homesick around this time of year but keeping busy helps. That being said, it is the fourth year I've celebrated with my LEC family. So many of my students, my friends, my roomies, classmates, friends of friends etc. came by to taste some mooncakes, some longan, some pomelo, and green tea. 

The dining hall was decked out in paper lanterns that I haphazardly made throughout the day and improvised how to stick dollarstore tea lights on the bottom so when they would glow and flicker. Needless to say, I thought it looked pretty magical, all hung up around the room. 
I taught students how to make the paper lanterns, and once all the tasting was done, we all headed to the steps by Bata and I shared some old legends/stories that came with the Moon Festival. I'm pretty sure I ruined all the stories - really not the best story teller in the world. 

Ended the night with a hike through the Drumlin and have to say that was so much fun! (A little dangerous with flip flops though.)

I am so thankful for everyone joining me in this celebration, especially during a time when family is dearly missed!



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