One of the assignments for my Advanced Theatre and Performance course required 'research' to be done to get a grasp of Peterborough and what it meant to us. We were asked to walk down George St. from Sadleir House all the way to the Little Lake Cemetery (way past the AGP). I actually did this walk twice. Once, not fully, as I met Christie for our one on one meeting at the Silver Bean. It was just so lovely there I didn't want to leave... and well, didn't. :)

The second time, I walked from the beginning to the very end with my friend BingBin. We just marvelled at anything and everything. We shared observations and to be honest, as much as I love exploring and reflecting on my own, having a buddy always make any trips more interesting!

I took photos of so many things - mainly the things I hadn't stopped to notice before in my 4 years here. It was bittersweet. It makes me look at places very differently - I'm excited to re-discover Scarborough and Toronto. Time and space puts things into perspective and makes you fall in love all over again. <3


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