Well I suppose by listing all the projects I want to get off the ground is really the first step.

Some of these belong on my to-do list, some of them are just being jotted down so I don't lose track of them (esp. when they float around my head).
Those who want to contribute to my projects in one way or another, just comment below!

Will add more as we go along!


"Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can." 
                                – Arthur Ashe

  1. Help establish the Trent Visual Arts Network.
  2. Find a way/collaborate to reform OC and CC's recycling system.
  3. Paint the resource cabinet in the KWIC office - kind of promised Julie this awhile back...
  4. Compile a resource binder (and potentially start-up website to archive previous Global Youth Days) for GYD and KWIC.
  5. Do recordings for the TISA choir songs this year.
  6. Paint-a-thon/Paint It Up 2.0 - How to make it bigger and better!
  7. Curate an art show on the Rotary Trail.
  8. Tackle this blog/site. (and bucket lists).
  9. Establish a network between universities to get projects off the ground - collaboration of specialties and skills.
  10. Organize a full scale Tuesday Talks program.

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